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Which Bathmate Do I Need

Which Bathmate Do I Need

If you’re interested in trying a Bathmate penis pump, but you don’t know which one is ideal for you, then this guide will present everything important when it comes to picking the right Bathmate model depending on your needs and preference.

Basically, this penis pump will help you achieve a bigger penis naturally and in a pain-free way. Likewise, you’ll also be able to enjoy harder erections and stronger orgasms that you can be proud of.

Picking the Right Size

When picking the right size, it’s important to ask yourself this question:
Which Bathmate will fit perfectly in your penis?

The measurements below refer to an erect penis length:

Original Series

1. Hercules (Medium): This is the original Bathmate hydro-penis pump that has helped thousands of men not only enjoy a bigger penis, but it also cures erectile dysfunction, increase in libido, stronger orgasm, and last longer in bed. It’s a size perfect for those with 7.5” when erect, and 2” in girth when erect. Not only is it economical, but it’s also effective and reliable as well.
2. Goliath (Large): It’s similar to the “Hercules” model, but it’s for those who already have a large penis– 9”, but would want to make it bigger. It also comes with a shower strap and storage cage. It’s also worth noting that some men buy this pump after using the X40 and would want to improve further.

Hydromax X Series

1. X20 (Small): This comes with a hand ball pump and other accessories, such as a protective case, support strap, long insert comfort pad, and many more. This model is for those who want to enjoy remarkable results with the help of the best technology.
2. X30 (Medium): Similar to X20, but for those who have an average size penis.
3. X40 (Large): If you are already well-endowed, then this one if for you, it’s for men with a penis size that’s over 7.5” with more than 2” girth. It also comes with several accessories, such as swivel bellows, locking latch valve, and removable comfort pad.

Hydromax Xtreme Series

They Hydromax Xtreme Series is the improved version of the X series, with an additional size of X50 (X-Large) for those who are already over 9”. What makes it different from the X series is that it’s more powerful and produce faster results.

Friendly Reminder: It’s important to know your exact measurements when erect and buy a model that fits perfectly– don’t go for the biggest pump, as it won’t even be effective if your size is different. The internal length would also decrease by 1” once proper seal is made. Make sure that you keep this in mind when picking the right size.

Sizing Chart

Here’s a sizing chart that you can use for reference:
1. Under 5.5”: Hydromax X20, X20 Xtreme are ideal. This is for the beginners who are just starting to explore the world of penis pumps.
2. 5.5” to 7.5”: Hydromax X30, X30 Xtreme, and Hercules
3. 7.5” to 9”: Hydromax X40, X40 Xtreme.
4. More than 9”: If you’re already looking huge, but still not satisfied, then the Goliath or X50 Xtreme would definitely give you the “Ginormous” status.

Read the complete bathmate series from bathmate official website here

Penis Enlargement Remedy

Penis Enlargement Remedy

The idea of a bigger penis is something that appeals to most men. For this reason, the male enhancement industry has been thriving for many decades. If you feel your phallus is not big enough to please your partner, you will quickly discover that there are many solutions that can help you achieve your goal of penis enlargement. Instead of suffering in silence, search for a penis enlargement remedy that works by delivering results.

When it comes to penis enlargement, the psychological benefits and sexual performance of enlarging the male member are generally the same for virtually all men. By choosing to enlarge your penis, you get a boost in self-esteem, self-confidence, and your sexual performance as well. Enlarging the penis is a personal choice and if you decide it’s the right thing for you, then you will gladly discover that there some remedies actually work.

What penis enlargement methods are available?

Some of the most popularly used penis enlargement methods include penis pumps, extenders, sprays, creams, pills, and surgery. As you can see, some of the claims may seem somewhat outrageous. Below we discuss some of the enlargement methods available for you.

Penis enlargement through surgery

Surgery is not advocated as a safe method for obvious reasons. While it works in most cases, doctors cannot guarantee its complete safety. Moreover, penis enhancement surgeries cost an arm and a leg, meaning they are not accessible to everyone. Even if you go through penis enlargement surgery successful, there are potential complications you might have to deal with.

Penis Creams and Gels

These are a bad choice if you are ever considering male enhancement. The sellers may make great promises, but there is no proof that creams and gels make the penis bigger.

Penis Enlargement Exercise

Penis enhancement exercises have proven to be safe and effective. If you would rather use no devices, creams, gels, or any other remedy, then you have the option of exercises to consider. Even though exercises work, it would take you many years to witness any meaningful results.

Penis Pumps

While penis pumps have been used for many years, they have undergone continuous technological improvements to make them better. Industry players are now moving from the traditional air pumps to the more effective hydropumps that produce better results. Note that the hydropumps are safer and deliver results in a more effective way. With the right penis pump, you actually get the results you desire. There is proof from user testimonials and reviews that hydropumps produce permanent increase in the size of the penis, especially when used correctly.

Which penis enlargement remedy should you opt for?

Penis enlargement pumps offer you the best remedy for male enhancement. For the best results, consider using the Bathmate Hydromax pumps that guarantee your safety, deliver unmatched efficacy, and produce speedy results. Thankfully, the pumps come in many variants, meaning you can choose one based on your penis size and budget.


When researching on a penis enlargement remedy that will actually make your penis grow significantly, then you must consider safety, convenience, and speed of delivery as well. By using any of the Bathmate pumps, you are guaranteed these vital aspects, which partly explain why they are so popular in the male enhancement industry.