Bathmate International, an authorized and leading re-seller of Bathmate hydro pumps can provide you with a broad range of hydro pumps that guarantee users almost instant results when used correctly as prescribed by the manufacturer. Many people who are yet to make their purchase of Bathmate devices obviously have questions they want to be addressed. If you’re still sitting on the fence then these questions and answers (Bathmate International FAQ) will certainly make it easier for you to make a decision.

Bathmate International FAQ

My penis will be how much bigger after using Bathmate?

Most people who have previously used Bathmate devices have gained between 2-3 inches lengthwise and an extra inch in terms of girth. Note that each user is different and as such, results cannot be the same for everyone. Your results will only be specific to you. Even so, men with smaller penis sizes get the best possible results.

Is there any pain experienced when using Bathmate?

No. There is absolutely no pain caused while using Bathmate hydro pumps. Even so, it is advisable that you use your hydro pump correctly and maintain pressure within the recommended levels.

Is it possible to use Bathmate without water?

Even though the Bathmate pumps are mostly known as water-based pumps, you can use them safely without water. However, if your goal is quicker results within a shorter time frame, then you will definitely find it more efficient to use water with your Bathmate device.

My dick is less than 5 inches, can I use Bathmate?

Of course. You can rest assured knowing Bathmate will help make your penis bigger in a matter of weeks. However, you should get the size that suits you, as this guarantees you the most efficient results. if your penis is smaller at the beginning, go for a smaller model like the Hydromax X30 or the Hercules. Over time, you can upgrade to the bigger models to keep up with the gradual growth. If you maintain a daily consistent routine, you will notice both length and girth increase.

Does over-using the device expose me to any risks?

Do not overuse your Bathmate hydro pump. If you do, you might get sore or suffer other injuries. instead, your pumping sessions should last only 20 minutes.

Should I use lube?

Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t need any kind of lube. The manufacturer has already incorporated some highly innovative ideas that ensure the pump is sealed to your groin.

Do I need to incorporate a cleaning regimen for my device?

It is critical that you clean your Bathmate pump after every pumping session. This way, you effectively prevent bacteria from growing in the pump. To complete the process properly, you should place your device in a sink filled with water and use sterilizer to clean it gently.

Am I guaranteed results with Bathmate?

The manufacturer has designed and produced Bathmate hydro pumps that provide unmatched efficacy levels. In fact, they stand behind their product, meaning if you’re not happy with results after trying it for 60 days, you may return the device and claim your refund. This is an assurance that Bathmate pumps deliver the results promised.