Which Bathmate To Get

Which Bathmate To Get

Bathmate is undoubtedly the best pump in the market today, thanks to the highest safety standards it guarantees as well as the innovative features incorporated into the pumps. Even so, most potential buyers may find it confusing to choose the ideal pump, as there are different variants with a number of features. Are you confused about which Bathmate to get? Below we provide a guide that makes it easier for you to pick a Bathmate pump that suits you.

The variants include The Hercules, Hydromax X-Series, Hydromax Xtreme, and the Goliath. So which Bathmate should you buy?

The Hercules

These were the first generation penis pumps by Bathmate. Since they are standard sized, they perfectly suit men whose erect penis measures 7 inches in length. If your girth is bigger than 6.7 inches and your length is longer than 8.5 inches, you might want to consider a bigger pump.

Hydromax X20

This is an introductory model that suits most guys with penises that are smaller than average. Even so, it can help you increase your penis length to 7.5 inches and achieve a girth measuring 5.5 inches.

Hydromax X30

This pump is designed to deliver the best possible results in the quickest time. The bellows system and the valve system are re-worked. As a result, suction power is significantly increased thus making the pump more powerful than the earlier editions. Since its size is the same as the Bathmate Hercules, it fits most average-sized men, while providing them with enough room to make meaningful gains. The maximum gains you can achieve with this particular model are 6.7 girth and 8.5 inches length.

Hydromax X40

This shares the same features that the X30 provides. Even so, it is larger in size when compared to the Goliath. The pump is suited for men with 7-9 inches max. length and girth of 7.9”.


Designed for the endowed men with dicks measuring 9 inches or more. Actually, the Goliath variant is the biggest, meaning it can accommodate men with penis length of 10.5 inches and girth of 9”. To put this into perspective, the Hercules pump can be inserted into the Goliath. It is HUMONGOUS!

Hydromax Xtreme

The newest models in the Bathmate line of pumps. They include the XX30 and the XX40. The other newest entrant is the XX50 for men within the range of 9-11 inches. While these are identical to the X30 and the X40, they come with an innovative handball pump and other extras.

If you have been wondering which Bathmate to get, then this guide has hopefully demystified the pump variants. Consider your penis size, features you desire, and your budget. Whenever you are ready to make a purchase, you will not have any trouble have any trouble choosing the ideal Bathmate pump.

If your goal is to make substantial size increases to your dick, then you will certainly be happy with your Bathmate pump purchase. Even though the size increase noticed in the first pumping session is temporary, consistent use of the device will make the results more permanent. Get your desired penis size within a couple of months by using Bathmate – the world’s best hydro penis pump.